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Clan Value - das Buch von Elisabeth Heller

The Book Clan Value

Egomania and shareholder value as the be all and end all are disused. The trend clearly points away from the “Me-corporation” and towards a We-Society. “Let us learn from the successful clans of this world” entrepreneur Elisabeth Heller therefore recommends. She analyses the principles of success of prominent clans such as Zegna, Bonnier, even the Wu-Tang Clan as well as of the clans of Scottland and Siciliy. [more]

245 pages with images
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ISBN-13: 978 3 430 14258-8
ISBN-10: 3-430-14258-x
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What is the Clan Value?

In the world-wide economy, the short-term profit from stock has become the measure of all things. Entrepreneur Elisabeth Heller shows another way: instead of shareholder value she successfully relies on Clan Value. Clan Value is a new management concept which not only boosts turnover but also gives higher quality and better satisfaction in work.

Because: “Alone you are not able to reach anything” the author is convinced. In fact it is a functioning network of employees, partners, colleagues, customers, relatives and friends – welded together by joint values and visions – that guarantee success and sustainability.
That is what numerous famous clans demonstrate again and again: Adriano Celentano, Jim Jarmusch, the Swarovskis and of course the Scottish clans.

After a decade of self-orientation Elisabeth Heller forecasts a reversal of trend for business and society: “Away from the “Me-corporation” towards the “We-principle”.”